Create and implement an effective drive for your strategy, capabilities and performance by thinking out of the box with your governance, risk and compliance (GRC) requirements.

The fast changing business environment requires thinking differently about risks. Adopting an innovative approach in identifying and mitigating potential risks to the business is essential and ensuring the maturity of the processes for managing such risks can help the client seize opportunities, stay a step ahead of uncertainty, and meet stakeholder expectations. Ceflix Scepter helps clients plan, assess, and improve GRC capabilities in order to achieve business goals or principled performance.

GRC Overview

A good GRC solution synchronizes the integration of all governance, risk management and compliance activities within your organization. The processes established by the management, which reflect the tone at the top, are referred to as the governance while risk management is the management of risks within your appetite. On the other hand, compliance refers to your policies,and procedures, and laws and regulations governing your business or activities. These components impact complement each other and have an impact on your people, process and technology.


Some of the complexities and challenges in achieving an integrated GRC are:

    • Lack of executive sponsorship and alignment;

    • Challenges with defining workflows and reporting across multiple system;

    • Challenges with defining system interlock – granularity, lookup, golden source, etc.;

    • Siloed functional areas, people, data, knowledge and projects;

    • Data integration issues such as middleware, API, ETL, etc.;

Lack of exceutive sponsorship and alignment;



Service Benefits

Business dynamics require thinking about risk in new ways. Taking an innovative approach to managing and enhancing your governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) activities can help you seize opportunities, stay a step ahead of uncertainty, and meet stakeholder expectations. Ceflix Scepter GRC Solutions team can help you drive business performance and achieve success like no other. We can transform how you perceive – and capitalize on risk. By aligning your GRC activities to business performance drivers – with the right resources – you can transform your 

GRC program from a reactive, check-the-box exercise into a powerful tool able to anticipate and Ceflix Scepter risk to drive business performance. Our team can guide you in a holistic approach to governance, risk and compliance that effectively coordinates across the second and third lines of defense in order to:

  • Reduce costs

  • Identify operational inefficiencies

  • Pationalise controls

  • Provide a holistic view of the organization’s risk and compliance

  • Enable management to make informed decisions on how to effectively allocate resources and mitigate risks.





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Why Choose Ceflix Scepter?

Our assessment engagements give inculcate in organisations the culture of applying risk-based decision-making in the business. This helps establish efficient operation and functional security program. More importantly, they help set the framework for compliance with regulatory requirements and industry best practices.

These engagements are scaled as needed for business solutions specific to an infrastructure, application, device, data type or even the enterprise.


Our Approach and Methodology

Ceflix Scepter incorporates an interactive approach to documenting and assessing an organisation’s exposure to fraud, waste and unauthorised activities. Part of the tools in use are such as workshops, interviews, questionnaires, meetings, observations, etc. We utilise two different methodologies: industry-specific and enterprise-wide, which ensure that Ceflix Scepter tailors the assessments to specific organisation’s needs.


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